Sacha combines a passion for design with her extensive local knowledge to produce creative and innovative gardens. She enjoys working closely with clients, encouraging an open exchange of information, with a view to designing their perfect garden.

“My passion for the tropics started when I was just 18 and led me to Sri Lanka five years ago, since then I have had the pleasure of experiencing life there on all levels. I understand how things work in Sri Lanka and the ethos of life there – the magical draw of the lifestyle, the beauty of the language and culture, the lushness of the landscape.

Although I have been designing gardens in the UK for some time now I cannot help being drawn by the opulence of nature in Sri Lanka and the creative licence that it affords the intrepid designer!”

Sacha has a unique perspective with one foot firmly rooted in England and the other just as firmly dipping its toes in the Indian Ocean. This means she can work closely, face to face with clients here in the UK and Europe, but is then happy to travel to Sri Lanka in order to implement those ideas. Sacha will then translate your aesthetic ideal into Sri Lankan reality using her local knowledge and strong links with local businesses.

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