Your Eden is a new and exciting tropical Garden Design company that merges western aesthetic ideals with Sri Lankan creative freedom.

We will create your own personal Eden in the tropics, a custom designed garden sanctuary where you can relax, unwind and entertain. Your Eden is a chance to indulge yourself with the perfect tropical garden setting to match your dream property.

Lead designer Sacha Murray-Minns, invokes a modern naturalistic planting style in her garden designs.

Combined with her dynamic structural layouts, her planting style ensures that your tropical Eden will strike the perfect balance between the riotous fecundity of the Sri Lankan jungle and the tranquil pleasure and class of an ordered colonial/English style country garden.

Our garden designs are fluid in style and infused with a sense of place, honouring nature and your garden’s role within it.

For this reason, we like to emphasise sustainability, using renewable, local materials and alternative energy sources where possible.


"Sacha is passionate about landscaping, fun to work with, great value for money and I would highly recommend her as a necessary service in maximising your property to its full potential. The landscaping Sacha has been involved in has brought my villa to life. So thank you."


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